Newt Gingrich thank you would so ignorantly pointing out exactly why there is a problem in this country with overt and covert racism. The President should be allowed to make his statement about his experience as a black man without fearing fall out from white people being offended for acting the way that they do towards minorities whether it be conscious or not. As a white mother with a twenty year old son who wears a hoodie, I have never had to worry about him being stopped for anything, my worries have been about the driving, getting a job and paying for college. I cannot imagine the awful sadness and anger that an African-American must feel when she has to speak to her children about how to “be” in public so that they don’t get in danger of offending someone because of that other person’s fear. I imagine that the African-American community must surely ask themselves; how much longer do we have to go through before we can “be” like everyone else and I know that they aren’t the only ones. For a country based on immigration, the established immigrants weren’t very welcoming to any others arriving here looking to fulfill their dreams, the Irish, the Jewish, the Chinese and so on and so forth. Newt however looks so ignorant when he has made it his mission to call attention the the “otherness” of President Obama and yet criticizes him for empathizing with the victim’s family.It’s shameful.
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