Where do Paul Ryan and the rest of his gang get their facts to support their claim that too many people CHOOSE to rely on government help. Have they ever tried to subsist on government help? Note that I wrote subsist and not “live”. It has been documented over and over again how the wages of the average earner have stagnated since the late 1970’s while the cost of living has substantially increased especially in the realms of education and medical treatment. The majority of food stamp recipients are the lower class white families in rural areas who also receive medicaid, many of them are hard working but unfortunately they are working hard at either several part-time jobs with no benefits or full-time jobs without benefits at minimum wage, a whopping 7.25 an hour. The GOP with their budget aims of picking and choosing which economic class wins and loses would condemn the less fortunate to even more misery and the wealthiest to more gains and lest I forget those military contractors who would be celebrating more riches if this GOP economic blueprint ever came into being.
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