I wonder how many people believe this amendment to be a serious one. I am enjoying the tongue in cheek response to the GOP’s serious infringement of women’s reproductive freedoms. Often comedy such as satire, brings the ridiculousness of the opposition’s position more clearly in focus without making the debate ugly. I know that politics, historically in the country have often been acrimonious, but what worries me is that when one thinks that after the civil rights movement, a fight that was bitterly fought in the 60’s, would have enlightened us, we see a resurgence of exclusionary rhetoric and it is nastier and more virulent than before. The hatred against the “other” whichever group it is, is clouding up our public discourse. Normally I would say that any discourse is good and necessary to air any grievances; but the racism, bigotry and prejudice rampant amongst these far right groups doesn’t serve us any good as a country as a whole.
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