Tomorrow evening, the Blandford Historical Society will be presenting our fire chief with a plaque commemorating his forty years of service as the Blandford fire chief. Our fire department is a volunteer fire fighting service that also serves as our EMT/Ambulance service. As fire chief, it was his responsibility to have all his volunteers properly trained, outfitted and rotated in shifts to ensure that our fire department was in keeping with the state’s codes and regulations; no small feat considering his teeny, tiny budget that he got from the town. He has spent years keeping the fire department running and fully staffed by writing grants and doing it so well that he has been able to get those grants awarded to the Blandford fire department. Those grants have supplied Blandford with several fire trucks, fire fighter turn out gear and other necessary equipment.

My contribution to tomorrow’s Historical Society program will be homemade cookies, I even received requests from the board. Our fearless leader asked for oatmeal raisin and our dear family friend Mr. Robbins asked for chocolate chip. My baby girl volunteered to make her to-die-for chocolate chip cookies. I am not exaggerating in the least, when I call her chocolate chip cookies to-die-for, they just are. I have never, in my entire career of eating cookies, eaten a cookie as delicious as the ones that she makes. They are chock full of different chocolate chips and they are neither too sweet nor too greasy. They melt in your mouth, everything melts, the chips and the cookie, that is how moist they are. She grabs them out of the oven at precisely the right moment when they have just achieved the state of being cooked. I on the other hand will be, for the first time, be making oatmeal raisin cookies. When my daughter started her baking experiments, she had stumbled upon an old cookbook that I had from who knows where, ironically it’s called “The Old-Fashioned Baking Book” and that is where she found her cookie recipe. I flipped through the cookbook today and I found Grandma’s oatmeal raisin cookie recipe. So tomorrow I will be elbow deep in old-fashioned oats, butter and brown sugar, with a sprinkling of raisins. Our kitchen is going to smell heavenly tomorrow, the aromas of warm butter, sugar and chocolate will be swirling around the house driving the dogs crazy. I can’t wait, hopefully the cookies find their way out to the Historical Society and not into my belly.