Our government and our media are bombarding us with very hawkish rhetoric. I don’t know how reliable these sources are, many of their concerns rely on assumptions that are questionable such as that the Iranian leaders are suicidal in their aims, I highly doubt it, it is the Supreme leader who determines Iran’s foreign policy, not the Iranian President. Secondly, the intelligence regarding how close Iran is to weapons capability is sketchy, the American people are extremely war weary, at least I am. Diplomacy from all players would be the best since nothing of actual value is really known. It is all smoke and mirrors as of yet, why take the chance to lead us into another Iraq type situation? War is expensive in human life, human pain and human suffering on every single level imaginable and to think that the leaders who sit behind their desk would so callously put more young men and women in harm’s way without knowing real solid facts is inexcusable.
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