I realize that the goal of the tea party republicans is to, what Grover Norquist likes to say “Shrink the government to the size where you can put it in a bathtub and drown it”, but what I really think that these tea party politicians and constituents do not fully understand, is just how much our government does in our daily lives and how integral our government is to our success both as a country and as individuals. They should all go live in those towns in states like Michigan where due to tax cuts and cuts in spending, there is less police, fire fighters and common services, or to other communities losing health care services, libraries and other important services. I would be curious as to how well read these tea party people are and how intellectually curious they are as well. I have known successful individuals who hadn’t gone to college but every single one of those individuals were extremely well read and expressed curiosity in all fields and about all cultures. They had also high levels of critical and analytical thinking which I think were really the basis of their success, not accepting everything at face value and searching for the best understanding of any issue or problem before them. Those are qualities that I wish that our lawmakers possessed.
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