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The whole Nichols family, meaning the four of us, descended down to my mother’s house in New York. We came to do an early celebration of the baby girl’s 18th birthday with Mamie, nothing big, just a lovely red velvet cake, the baby girl’s favorite. Her father walked all over Manhattan trying to find the perfect red velvet cake, which he found downtown in the village, at the gourmet food store Citarella. Nothing was going to deter Papa bear from finding his Pukka girl her perfect cake.

Mamie treated all of us to dinner at this adorable restaurant, not to far from her house, a restaurant specializing in Louisiana cuisine. The baby girl ordered deviled eggs, she had 4 halves, one with bacon, one with shrimp, one with tuna and one with chicken. No one got a taste, so I’m fairly certain that they were good. We all shared oysters gratineed, which were scrumptious and my son and I ordered jambalaya, Mamie had the seafood gumbo and the hubby ordered the étouffée. Everything was delicious and we had a lovely time, when we arrived home, we rested for a bit before the baby girl decided that it was time to break out the birthday cake and candles.

She got the first piece and she was beyond happy, it was a well executed cake, the frosting was a cream cheese frosting, not too sweet and the cake itself was moist and light. A good cake brings a lot to the table, a perfect ending to a nice dinner.