When I was single, I wasn’t much of a club person, it was an occasional outing in New York City, not the weekly ritual that you would read about or hear about. I have always enjoyed the Friday night t.v line up. This season I have gotten hooked on the new show Grimm. The story of a Grimm descendant who has the ability to see the true nature of certain residents of Portland, Oregon. Those residents being the characters from all of our beloved Grimm fairy tales. I like it because he operates in the real world as a detective and in the “fantasy” world as a Grimm who only stops the evil characters, he befriends a “Werewolf” who has gone vegetarian. Next week is the season finale, I think because according to the previews our friend Grimm is going to be in serious mortal danger from the two powerful characters.

The show isn’t deep or particularly meaningful but it entertains me nevertheless. Can’t keep a good Grimm down.