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I have to start by saying that everyone at Burke’s Women Imaging Center is highly trained, kind, compassionate and professional. The nurses especially were tremendous, I had three with me during the biopsy, which took two hours, and they helped keep me distracted, they were focused on my comfort or potential discomfort at all times. The doctor of radiology was also professional, he was 100 percent focused on the job at hand and he was determined to be the most accurate and thorough possible. I also had a resident in training taking notes so it was a full house during the procedure.

The nurses and the doctor were very liberal with the lidocaine, so I felt no pain and the discomfort mostly came from the pressure exerted by the probe within the breast and that was manageable. The position that I was forced to stay in for two hours was the hardest part because it was an unnatural seated position and my head and neck were at odd angles as well to accommodate the different positions of the machine. It was easy to let the discomfort fade into the background between listening to the two doctors discussing what was on the screen and watching the nurses hook up tubes and adjust the knobs of the various machinery. It was all very interesting.

Since I got home, my two babies have been here taking care of their old Maman which makes me so happy. Now all I have left to do is wait for about a week for the results. Hopefully I’ll be able to put this out of my mind for the following few days.