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Tomorrow is my biopsy and I am nervous, I have a pit in my stomach so I am cheating and throwing out a bit of my novel for you to read. I hope that you enjoy it even though it comes out of context and is standing alone.

The weekend came and went without any fanfare. The same family rituals, Saturday morning we all go to the Marche, I spend all of Saturday helping Maman cleaning, cooking and baking. Gabrielle and the girls are out. Sunday we all eat together with Sabine and Hortense as usual. The only thing that keeps me from getting depressed when I see that life is always the same is that next weekend is the spectacle with Josephine Baker at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees. I need to make more plans because I feel as if life is passing me by and I’ll turn around one day and ask myself where time went.

It is finally time for our final fitting, Sabine and I race to her apartment and we see both silk dresses just waiting for us on the mannequins. “Oh my goodness Sabine, they are so beautiful! Hortense you are a fairy godmother.” I turn to Sabine “how did you not try your dress on until now? I couldn’t have waited.” Sabine says “I couldn’t because this is the first time that I have seen them up on the mannequins, Maman has been very secretive and I didn’t want to jinx the dresses anyway. Best to let the master seamstress work without being bothered, don’t you think?” “ Sabine you have more patience than I, but I’m so glad that you left your Maman alone because these are exquisite.”

Hortense comes out from her room carrying all the accessories and starts to tell us to undress so that she can begin the fittings. She says “I bought out all the costume jewelry and the sautoir and feathers so that you girls get a really good idea of what the final result will look like for Saturday night.” I said “Sabine why don’t you go first, I am dying to see you in that beautiful corn blue silk to see how your eyes look with the dress’s color” As Sabine put on the dress being very careful not to get stuck by any of the pins you can see that Hortense has made her dresses so often because it fit perfectly. It does pay to have a seamstress as a Maman. The dress was so simple, Sabine’s dress was just below the knee and she had two slits at the drop waist line so that when doing the Charleston her dress would go back and forth. Hortense had added right at the waist a belt of long shimmering fringe all around the dress that caught the light and moved with the dress, it looked so pretty. The dress was sleeveless and Sabine to dress up her arms had gotten ten bangles and a long rope of pearls to dress her neck up. She also purchased sparkly hair pins to catch the light all around her face. Sabine looked like a vision of elegance. “Sabine wait until Guillaume sees you; he is going to not let you out of his sight for a single minute. He is going to be rendered speechless by your beauty.”