What scares me most is that Mr. Mogulescu isn’t being tongue in cheek or exaggerating or taking a page from the Stephen Colbert playbook. His list is exactly to the letter, what the presidential candidate nominees are campaigning on everyday they are courting the primary voters. Their vision for America’s future is a dark and social Darwinian society full of have-nots with a few haves. Their vitriolic war against women is the most blatant evidence of how badly they want our society to turn back the clock and re-emerge into the late 19th century. The 1890’s had unlimited wealth for the robber barons, women didn’t have the vote, contraception didn’t exist, the white male was in power everywhere, voters didn’t have any protections, there weren’t any regulations. This was pre-Teddy Roosevelt, our first progressive President and he was a republican. He would be turning in his grave right now if he had any inkling as to how far gone his party was.
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