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I went to visit the surgeon as per the radiologists after my mammogram. I was hoping in the back of my mind that the surgeon was going to say “Mrs. Nichols, upon studying your mammogram results, I have concluded that there is no need for concern, you are fine and it was all a misdiagnosis”. Alas, the surgeon didn’t say that, he explained all about the biopsy and why it was needed, to rule out any chance for ductal carcinoma, and that it takes a week for the results to come in and when they do come in, I’ll get a phone call to come back to the office so that he can give me the results in person. The office called me an hour ago to let me know that the biopsy is scheduled for next Wednesday and that I need someone to bring me. I don’t know why, but ever since I was informed that a biopsy was necessary, I have had this unrelenting pit in my stomach. Intellectually, I know that this isn’t a death sentence, even if it turns out to be cancerous. I honestly don’t know why this pit won’t go away, I am by nature an optimist and I know that it is not life threatening, uncomfortable yes, perhaps, but not dangerous. Still have the pit, I wish that it would go away because it makes it worse. I haven’t even been focusing on the stupid biopsy, I’ve been writing my book, answering Plinky.com, commenting on Huffington Post and doing other things but I still can’t shake the pit.