So now, according to the GOP; anyone who is involved with paying any portion of your healthcare insurance has the right to dictate your reproductive decisions, the government, your employer and your health insurance provider can arbitrarily decide what you can or cannot do with your uterus. The whole business of it being tax payer money and therefore special is ludicrous, we all know that viagra is covered and the notion that the GOP can go cherry picking over what can be covered with tax payer monies and what can’t is irrational. Our tax payer dollars pay for war and I am not happy with that but since we are all in this together as a society that is how it is. Furthermore to add insult to injury, the GOP wants to give the private sector the same power over women health issues? Women have the right to discuss and plan their fertility and reproductive health with their doctor privately, that is not a futuristic or a progressive notion, why are we being forced to go back to the nineteenth century?
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