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I am gradually becoming like my mother and my hubby, they are terrible at watching normal t.v; if they are not watching something recorded, where they can fast forward through commercials, they then click-through all channels so they don’t have to watch commercials.

Being home alone, I am now finding myself remembering to use the remote when I am watching a recorded show from the previous evening. I have even started fast forwarding through parts that I find either uncomfortable or boring. I am trying not to embrace this trait too quickly because I think that it leads to increased impatience, decreased attention span and an all around negation of the medium you are actually watching.

I also think that fast forwarding through t.v would tend a person towards fast forwarding through passages in books because of increased impatience and decreased attention span. I could very well be wrong and over thinking the dangers of the remote control and its potential for reckless or feckless behavior.

In the great scheme of things, I suppose that I have just written about something as inconsequential as worrying about getting enslaved by her remote. That must show that life can’t be too bad.