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This week my hubby has flown the coop and embarked on an exciting career journey with the largest construction management firm in the Northeast. I am so happy because he is excited, happy, challenged and back where he belongs, in charge of big projects, meeting a variety of people and telling them what to do. This new position has him away from home, in the big city of Boston. So it is a little weird, especially with the remote control. Fast forwarding is his job and he is very good at it. Now it’s just me alone watching t.v and no one manning the remote, I could do it but it gets in the way of my writing and reading on my iPad. Not the worst thing in the world, but having the hubby take care of the nightly viewing of shows was really nice. I miss his company, the house has been quiet and I haven’t laughed all day. I’ll get used to it once again because before this dry spell, my husband was often away from home in New York and Boston and it was a way of life for us. I have to say that hearing how happy his voice is over the phone makes me very happy. I’m sure that he’ll be happy to know that I miss him.