Why don’t people see her for what she is, an opportunis­tic, negative bully. She speaks about the constituti­on and the horrors of what the government and the political establishm­ent have done to the constituti­on. She doesn’t contribute anything worthwhile­, she tears down and criticizes instead. It is so easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize. It is also easy to read speeches and throw pot shots but when it comes to doing the actual work, all we hear from the Sarah Palin camp is the sound of crickets. I personally would like it if Sarah Palin would simply fade away, she is part of the GOP divisivene­ss, the one that says that the east coast elites aren’t real Americans, the west coast elites aren’t either, basically she thinks that the heartland of America is the only place where you find real America. We are all real Americans, different in so many ways except for the thing that binds us, we are all part of this country, for good and bad.
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