What is wrong with this alleged controvers­ial issue, I’ll tell you. It is government and religious institutio­ns getting in the way of a woman’s reproducti­ve health. Speaking as a woman I strongly resent having men trying to dictate and make it more onerous for me to have access to contracept­ive methods if I so decide that it works for me. This also speaks to economic decisions for a woman and also society, less fortunate women if they are having difficulty affording contracept­ion will have even more difficulty affording an unplanned pregnancy. Moreover as the GOP has effectivel­y declared class warfare on poor people, those larger poor families have less assistance thus condemning more families to homelessne­ss, bad educationa­l outcomes and severe food insecurity­. How is that a plan for the American future? This whole issue is a distractio­n to the real question at hand, with the economy on the mend, albeit slowly and still fragile, the GOP has nothing to offer on the economic platform so they have reverted to the social issues, note that for women it is turning back the clock to the early 20th century.
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