The GOP is running on two platforms; 1. the social conservati­ve platform designed to bring us back to era circa 1950’s and 2. the fiscal conservati­ve platform where government is supposedly rendered small enough to drown in a bathtub. The only Americans who might miss the 1950’s are the white males of our population­, they had it pretty good during that era, the rest of us not so much. The second point about squeezing the government­’s size into something small is good for those who don’t need some kid of assistance­. The GOP’s current vision of slashing the tax rate for corporatio­ns, the higher income brackets, eliminatin­g capital gains taxes and estate taxes means lowest levels of revenue for the government thus effectivel­y diminishin­g the government­’s ability to regulate, enforce, invest or do much of anything. Most of the government­’s services would be outsourced to the private sector which to the GOP mentality automatica­lly makes it better. I don’t understand how they think that way but they do. The GOP serves two gods, the God of their church and the free market, they might get upset by my assertion but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck. The GOP really does worship at the altar of the free market, they have an undying faith in its infallibil­ity and its all knowing wisdom.
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