The hubby and I went to the movies and we saw Chronicle. We saw the previews and of course we were intrigued because the previews showed three young men exposed to something and then they show telekinetic powers. Needless to say we were excited about seeing the movie, science fiction is our favorite genre. The movie was not what we had expected. It wasn’t bad, not at all. The movie was a sober look at how unexpected power put into the hands of a young teenager of 17 who feels like an outsider, socially awkward and physically abused at home can have horrific consequences.

The title itself, Chronicle, refers to the video camera that the protagonist Andrew carries with him at all times during the movie to the consternation of everyone around him. Andrew is intent in chronicling the events that happen to him, as a result of his actions and the people who make up the players in his life. The video camera itself becomes a source of tension in the story.

The telekenetic powers that manifest themselves in the three boys aren’t dangerous in and of itself. It is the users of the power who are ultimately accountable in the story. The powers also do not fundamentally alter the personalities of the boys, again the source of the moral turmoil in the story is; what does one do with powerful gifts when one has always felt diminished by others, parental authority figures, peers and bullies or abandoned by those who should be involved as source of comfort.

It wasn’t what we had expected, we had thought that we were in for an hour and a half of escapist fun science fiction, instead we got a movie that made you feel, think and feel sad for an unhappy abused young man who was given access to powers that he was ill equipped to handle.

The hubby and I liked the movie, we were even discussing what a sequel would look like, because the creators of the movie left a few doors open and a few questions left unanswered, so that you can see a second movie in the making, it all depends of course on how well the first one does at the box office.