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I don’t think there any plans for us this weekend, no one is coming to visit, we aren’t slated to visit anyone. The weekend is free and clear. How wonderful and liberating. Having two children licensed to drive is a huge reason for the freedom of time. When the two were younger, we had sports events to drive to, skiing was really high on the list at one point, we also had sleep-overs at our house, sleep-overs to drive to, birthday parties and weekends seemed abnormally short.

Now the hubby and I can luxuriate in our time heavy weekend. Aside from the dogs needing me I don’t have anything on the agenda. Our son came over to visit this afternoon and mentioned perhaps seeing a movie with us if we were up for it. Translation, he would rather see a movie with us than his friends because it’s cheaper for him. Do we care? No, because spending an afternoon with our son at the movies and then at Arby’s is a treat. It is always wonderful spending time with baby Bob.

Our daughter is busy all weekend with her friends and boyfriend. Tonight she is at her semi-formal with the gang, she won’t be home until later, she invited the gang to sleep over as an extended party. Which leads into Saturday, she has plans with her friends during the day and then she has another couple’s event at the Church organized by the Youth group. Sunday will be her day of rest and I’m sure that she is going to need it, since there will have been a lot of dancing at the semi-formal, the sleep-over and probably the couple’s event as well.

So tomorrow morning I’ll be sleeping late or rather as late as Rex, our German Shepard, will allow me to, he is patient. After the dogs being walked and given biscuits and supplements, it is my turn for breakfast and coffee. I know that I won’t be seeing any young people for awhile. I’ll be enjoying my quiet time with my bowl of Crispix and coffee while reading my e-mail and then the Huffington Post. Yay for me.