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Vegetarianism may be on the way out in the Nichols household. The baby girl came up to me the minute I came in the door after having driven all the way home from Boston to tell me that she hasn’t felt quite right since she started her vegetarian lifestyle and she isn’t too sure about her eating choice.

Honestly, I didn’t quite feel my best at that moment, I was and am still exhausted with these Boston overnight trips and the other Boston round trips, so I basically asked her if she was eating at least three meals a day and if she was eating the vegetables and fruit that are always available at home? She hemmed and hawed about the fruit and vegetables and we both realized that she has been eating a lot of cheese and carbohydrates. I asked her if she had forgotten about the cauliflower and sheepishly she said yes. So I need to be more proactive in presenting her with the vegetable options.I know that not being home shouldn’t be an excuse but I did feel guilty about her not feeling well and if it had anything to do with her food choices or lack thereof.

She doesn’t want to give up and I don’t want her to feel bad or feel as if this lifestyle choice was a failure so we are going to tweak the vegetarianism a little and refocus our efforts to incorporating her vegetables into her diet with whole grains and protiens to offset the acid stomach that she has been suffering from and get her back to the fatty fish.

So this is a work in progress and an adventure in menu planning, supportive parenting and patience building. It is hard being a parent, always worrying about how much to do for teenagers and how much to push them to do for themselves. The baby girl doesn’t particularly like to make the vegetarian dishes so my job is to motivate her and teach her how to make basic dishes that could satisfy her and are healthy.