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I’m back in Boston with the hubby, tomorrow he will be signing a contract with a construction management firm based in Boston and all these months of searching and interviewing has finally produced a job, one that we hope will lead him to his retirement in twenty years or so. No more looking. We are in another hotel, a Holiday Inn Express watching a free movie in our room, the Martin Scorsese film HUGO.

It’s a lovely movie, so well done by Martin Scorsese, as is always the case and superbly acted. The only off-putting thing, and my husband pointed it out, is that all the actors have English accents, though the whole movie is set in Paris and I would argue that the city of Paris itself, serves as an actor itself. The city is beautifully illustrated, or so it seems to be an illustration, it is that beautiful in the movie.

Needless to say, I enjoyed the film, it’s an homage to French film makers, the Lumiere Brothers who invented the cinemagraphe, and it shows how early in the film making era, the cinematographers hand painted the film with bold vibrant colors. It was fascinating.