I say that for 2012 the most important elections are those for the house and senate. I want to see the house go back to the democrats so that President Obama can have the tools needed to implement the programs that he outlined in his SOTU. We need to invest solidly in green energy technology­, we need to re-invest in our infrastruc­ture both the physical and the technologi­cal, we desperatel­y need to re-invest in our children educationa­lly and nutritiona­lly, the laundry list is long and the President can’t go it alone like he has been for the past 3 years. The obstructio­n that congress threw in the President’­s face was awful and clearly it has to stop and that is up to us as the electorate­. We have as much responsibi­lity in this as the people who we elect to office. President Obama’s administra­tion stemmed the risk of a depression and started the recovery process, I for one, want to see President Obama finish what he started and help lead us truly into the 21st century. We might have had a late start but better late than never.
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