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I took advice from a very nice writing buddy, TillyBud, she said “to thine own self be true” and so I wrote my first intimate scene for my heroine, Madeleine and her true love Jack. The scene is short and the focus is on the emotion shared between the two and the complete convergence of their lives into one. This moment, especially for Madeleine, is the moment of no return, her destiny is no longer her own, it is now intertwined with Jack’s. This was a big stumbling block for me because I felt awkward in writing it and so I kept writing about everything all around Madeleine, the streets of Paris and the food that she made and ordered to eat, what she thought and how she felt. Now I feel liberated to move forward with the story and get Madeleine and her love Jack out of Paris and overseas to the exciting city New York.

I wonder if I’m stalling in Paris because since I miss France so much, I’m really enjoying researching the history of 1920’s Paris and writing about it. It is a lot of fun to write about French food and recipes but I am sure that researching New York of the 1920’s will be a lot of fun as well. The nightlife must have been a doozy given prohibition and the underworld of bootlegging.