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In my small town we have various committees who plan quite a bit of recreational activities for Blandfordites. Since I am on the board of directors of the Blandford Historical Society, the hubby and I get invited to all the gatherings and social events. Today, our first outing was hiking the trails at the Knittel Conservation Area on Herrick road. The Conservation Area is quite large, 243 acres dedicated to the public for nature’s activities. The hike was quite lovely, in the mountains and snow covered ground, the sky’s pristine blue,not too cold, not windy. A glorious day for a hike and for really appreciating the luxury of being able to walk down the road, meet up with your fellow townspeople and breath cold fresh air, hike around a beaver dam, and wonder if you might see some wildlife like a moose, a deer or coyote. We walked for a good forty minutes and then it was time to go home and prepare a dish for the potluck dinner at the Historical Society. I agonized over what to make yesterday because I don’t have a slow cooker or anything to keep a dish warm so I was torn. It was only late last night that I decided to make pasta Carbonara. What pushed me in that direction is that pasta Carbonara still tastes good lukewarm, I had all the ingredients and I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like it. Essentially, pasta Carbonara is linguine, I used thin spaghetti, folded into an egg, cream, Parmesan cheese, bacon and onion mixture. What is not to like? At 6:00 we met at the Historical Society, everyone put out their dishes and we had a lovely dinner, the food was delicious and eclectic, there was potatoes gratineed, a pork stew, chicken and rice soup, a cheese and broccoli quiche, pasta, coleslaw and dessert. Someone even brought red wine, there was water for me and tea for whoever wanted it. The conversation flowed freely, everyone had seconds and we all cleaned up together. The hubby and I had a wonderful day in and around our town.