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I have not given up on writing my novel that I started on November 1,2011 The Chic Bootlegger. I make sure that I spend everyday writing about Madeleine and her life in Paris. I have to confess that it is hard and a little scary. I really like writing it but it is scary because I am investing pieces of myself into Madeleine and writing about a grand love affair between Madeleine and her mysterious beaux seems like kissing and telling.I might as well just come out with it, I am feeling a little shy because they are getting to that moment where intimacy is about to happen and I feel very awkward writing the scene which is quite important because it will propel the relationship beyond comfortable to neither can ever be without each other. I know that I am being silly and I never thought in my younger days that I would grow up to be so modest. Who knew, I have sort of become my mother, all prim and proper.