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My daughter came home from the mall all excited about her new purchases, a new dress for the senior dance and a new cookbook; Vegetarian: Tasty Recipes for Every Day. I said to the baby girl, I’m impressed that you bought a cookbook for vegetarians. Are you going to experiment in the kitchen now? She said Maman I bought the cookbook for you so that you can make all these great recipes for me. So I picked up the cookbook and randomly flipped it open to a recipe that made me laugh; Puy Lentil and Bean Puree on Mushrooms with Red Wine Sauce. I couldn’t help but laugh because the only thing in this dish that my daughter didn’t hate was the red wine sauce. When I told her about it, she surprised me because she said that she wanted me to make it, the picture in the book is very appetizing and that is what she is basing her decision on. They say that you eat with your eyes so I am hoping that this will open her palate to the world of legumes, a world that will expand her culinary options and nutritional components.