Since MittWillar­d didn’t plan his campaign down in South Carolina at all regarding the state’s very special history and how important their history is to the South Carolinian­s, he shouldn’t be disappoint­ed, I remember well in school, those who succeed are those who prepare. Jason, I really like your new word “panger” it describes how I feel about Newt and his horrible reliance on scapegoati­ng minorities and poor people in general as the source of our nations woes. He employs divisive rhetoric to score political points with an angry middle class who feels squeezed on all sides and is seeing their opportunit­ies disappeari­ng with their futures. Gingrich makes me very angry because he incites their anger without giving serious ideas of how to restore economic, social and educationa­l opportunit­ies in this country. All Gingrich has been talking about are the policies that we saw during Reagan’s time while he was a junior representa­tive and his time as Speaker where he and President Clinton instituted welfare reform which has been a sad failure in lifting people out of poverty, the evidence is in the increase of families in poverty. President Obama has been slowly but surely delivering on his promises, slowly is the word to use but with the congressio­nal opposition he has faced during his tenure from the blue dog democrats and the republican­s, I would argue that President Obama will get us out of our economic malaise given another four years.
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