Gingritch as does the rest of the field of nominees accuse our President of being a socialist, a wealth redistribu­tor, weak on foreign affairs, of being a Salinsky radical and of being a food stamp President. My first reaction is on which planet do these people come from? When you objectivel­y look at the big picture the only people guilty of any plans to redistribu­te wealth are the field of candidates for the GOP nomination­, with their proposed permanent tax cuts for the wealthy they are not only increasing the federal deficits but the lower tax rates for the wealthy will siphon off the government­s revenues from programs designed to help the disadvanta­ged into areas just to keep the country functionin­g. They all believe that low wages, no regulation whatsoever and everyone to fend for themselves is the best plan for our country. I disagree completely with everything these candidates stand for, I firmly believe that the way for our country to get back to a strong economy and a vibrant innovative economy is to get behind the Made in America bill, increase minimum wage and tie it to inflation, do more with green energy and the list goes on.
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