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I think that everyone would agree that snowfall is beautiful in the country, be it on the plains, the coast or the mountains. I really love when snowfall begins at night in the city, either Boston or New York, especially when the snow is falling nice and steady with the big fluffy snowflakes covering the entire city like a warm downy blanket. What makes this so special in my mind is how quiet and peaceful the cities become, they become transformed by the snow into your own private white wonderland. I have had the pleasure of walking through the streets of New York late at night during a snowstorm and I felt as if I were the only person left in New York, it was such a wonderful feeling. New York never feels like that, you are constantly reminded that you are one of millions walking through the daily grind but not on that night. That snowstorm transformed New York into mine for those few hours. Boston is giving me that same feeling looking out the window from our suite on Atlantic Ave off the water.