Romney is in a bit of a pickle or as he would know it a “cornichon­”, how is he supposed to understand how seriously unhealthy the gross income inequality is for middle class/work­ing poor/poor people when he has never been truly exposed to their struggles, hardships and fears? Romney has lived a privileged life since birth and when you are born in those circles the chances that you will experience anything remotely close to a middle class existence are fairly remote. He and his fellow 1 percenters don’t see anything wrong with their situation so why would Romney run and fight for policies that would reverse the growing income inequality­? We only were slapped in the face with income stagnation because the fake wealth of the middle class was destroyed, housing equity and credit cards, if that hadn’t happened who knows how long the middle class would have happily gone along accepting lower wages just to keep jobs here in the U.S whereas the C.E.O’s continue to pull in higher and higher incomes. Our plight now in middle class America cannot be understood by someone like Romney.
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