Why can’t Romney be more like his father? His father produced twelve years of tax returns when he wanted to run for President, there wasn’t any legal requiremen­t to do so at the time. It seems to me that Romney, the father, wanted to show the American people that he was aboveboard with his tax history and that he took his contributi­ons to our country seriously as a tax payer. Romney, the son, apparently wasn’t standing near his father’s knee at the time and didn’t learn a life lesson from his father’s actions. I would like it if Romney would release more than just one year’s worth of tax returns, I know that President Obama released six years of tax returns in 2008 and has released every year’s worth since then. What has Romney worried? Americans are not jealous of wealth and everyone knows that. We worship our billionair­es and everyone secretly thinks that lotto has their name on it, we might be a little ticked off if we see that Romney has been taxed at a much lower rate than us ordinary workers but other than that, we don’t begrudge him his millions at all. We all aim to join him at the 1% table.
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