Huffington is self-moderated by their in-house comment moderators. I think that these moderators are long-time registered users just like me and recently I have had three comments in total not published which annoys me. I might disagree with essentially all republican view points but I am never rude, nasty or foul-mouthed with any of my critiques. I also do not call anyone names, I will call their policies bad for our country, but I do not name call.

I am voicing my frustration with the censoring of my comments because when I comment on an article, it isn’t only to express myself but it is also to get feedback from my fellow commentators. When they do not allow my comments to be published, it upsets me, especially when I come to Word Press and see that I didn’t write anything inflammatory, an example is the comment I made in response to the article, “Progressives, Obamabots by Bob Cesca, yet for some reason someone chose to block its publication. I reread the comment and I can’t find anything offensive at all in the comment so why would someone block it from being published? I am going to write something to the powers that be over at Huffington saying that a difference of opinion is not a reason for not allowing someone’s point of view to be shared with the others. As soon as I explain my disappointment in indiscriminate censorship, I know that I will feel better because at least I did something by speaking up.