Our President has been pilloried from both the left and of course the right, yet President Obama has soldiered on leading as is apparently his nature, pragmatica­lly and doggedly following his vision of what needs to be done. If he hasn’t explicitly shared his exact game plan it’s because he seems to be playing a game of chess against several opponents and he is trying to keep his King alive to fight another day. I honestly feel that President Obama needs another four years to get closer to what he wanted to accomplish which is renewing the opportunit­ies, the possibilit­ies and hopes that your average American should be able to have realistica­lly. I know that to redirect the trajectory of all Americans will take more time that an eight Obama presidency­, it took 30 years of policy to get us to this tremendous income inequality and stalled economic and social mobility, but hopefully President Obama’s message and vision after eight years will be continued by another President come 2016. The battle for the American dream will continue.
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