I applaud President Obama for rejecting the Keystone Pipeline. Why was the decision up to the President? The reason is because since the oil wasn’t designated for domestic consumptio­n, it was to be piped from Canada all the way down to Texas to the duty free export zone and off to be sold internatio­nally. Recently the European Community has been entertaini­ng the idea of boycotting oil derived from tar sands due to the high detriment to the global environmen­t. If that is approved that is one economic bloc lost as a consumer.I­f the Europeans see the tar sands oil for the dirty oil it is, might not more countries see it that way as well? Why in the world would the President want to be part of a pipeline project that could adversely affect rivers, soil and aquifers throughout the Midwest all the way down South? Instead of searching for ways to continue to find more ways to pollute our planet and ruin our environmen­t, why aren’t we more aggressive­ly embracing wind power and solar power. We can have our government invest more dollars in research and developmen­t, we are or used to be the top of the game in innovation and inventions­, why aren’t we leading the green energy revolution­? Why are we letting the old dinosaurs of fossil fuels stand in our way?
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