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Starbucks on Tremont Street in Boston, Massachusetts is much like any other Starbucks. People enjoying access to free WiFi, sitting with their laptops and iPad, sipping their lattes, frappucino’s, or iced teas. I am one of these people, sipping my Venti non-fat cafe latte, writing this post on my iPad, while I wait for my husband to be done with his second interview with the construction management firm that he would like to be employed with. It is nerve-wracking because you never know with interviews, his first one with the firm’s C.E.O was a home run which is why it progressed to interview number two, with the team that my husband would have to work with, it all comes down to personal chemistry, likeability and charisma, not to mention ego’s and self-confidence. I know my husband and he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I just hope that today the team that meets with him will see his impressive knowledge of the construction industry, his hard work ethic, his commitment to doing the most for the company and it’s clients and that they will ignore his weaker parts. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, on an interview you can only hope that your strengths outshine the weaker parts of your makeup. At this point in my husband’s career, all he wants is to find a firm where he can retire, he has worked at some point for all the big firms and has done his own share of being boss, now he wants to stay in one place until he can call it a day at the age of 70 something. I don’t think that is too much to ask for, at least it will get him out of the house.