My concern is that a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for someone who doesn’t understand economic policy in terms of the country as a whole but rather understand­s the business of making profit at any cost, he is going to focus on the GDP as a measure of success without any regard for the quality of life that had been solely lacking for the middle class, working poor and the rest of us. A vote for Romney will also increase the income inequality of this country because he will be pushing for tax cuts and tax breaks that will further widen the divide between the 1% and the 99%, moreover the tax cuts will increasing­ly take money away from investment in our society, public education will suffer, public infrastruc­ture will suffer and research and developmen­t will suffer as well. It took the economic collapse to lift away the curtain behind the credit driven economy for the middle class, once the housing equity disappeare­d and the credit card debt exploded, the middle class is faced with the stark reality that without home equity loans and credit cards, the average middle class wage has remained stagnant while the 1% has increased their share of the wealth by leaps and bounds, we need to change things around and Mitt Romney is not the ticket for that.
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