Today was the last well care visit for my daughter before college. I made sure to be present because the baby girl hates shots and I had a feeling that with college just around the corner, we were going to address her vaccination needs and if they had been all completed. I was right because the doctor needed to give her the tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccine along with the influenza vaccine. The doctor also tested for anemia, which she doesn’t have but it never hurts to make sure. I was also happy to be there so that I can ask about some issues related to cholesterol and if she should be tested. The doctor felt that at this time, it was unnecessary because we as a family are mindful eaters and that was enough for the moment, the cholesterol test could wait until the baby girl’s mid twenties. It was a good hour and a half and I felt reassured about my baby girl’s good health. I was a little sad because in 73 days, she’ll be turning 18. She’ll be able to vote in this Year’s presidential election and come September if she is accepted, she’ll be leaving home for college. All my babies will be grown up, I only have two but still, the two that I have will be out of the house and the oldest boy will be turning 21 right before the presidential election. I am happy and excited for them to be launching into the adventure of adulthood but still sad because I miss them as little ones.