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Due to the inclement weather here in Blandford, Jack and Rex have gone on strike. They refuse to go trudging outside on snow-covered grass. Actually Rex is the one throwing a monkey wench into the 3 times a day walking through the park exercise. He enjoys having easy access to his preferred spots for doing his business and the snow is in the way. He does have his arthritis to deal with as do I, so I am letting this go, but I worry about the decline in his daily exercise. So far, this is only day two. This weekend, the forecast is even worse with bone chilling temperatures of the zero degrees and high winds, so I don’t see us taking any walks during the weekend either. I am crossing my fingers for a slight warming up on Monday and Tuesday, because if Rex doesn’t go out the little one Jack won’t even go outside to walk near the street. He hates trucks of all sizes, he tolerates them with Rex because he feels protected by Rex’s presence. I know that Rex will get over it and by Tuesday, we’ll be back to our daily walking but it is so hard to see your magnificent pet get old. Rex is very special and we all love him, especially Jack in his own little Jack Russell way.