That is egregious behavior by the police and I hope that Romney’s campaign staff looks into their use of the police in the future. Our police force is not a private security force and it seems that the campaign staff is confused as to the limits of what police are legally allowed to prevent. If a citizen is peacefully standing, is not actively thwarting the event, than the police haven’t the right to arrest someone for prior associatio­ns or suspicion of prior associatio­ns even if the company or the campaign say so, if the person is only speaking. We have the rule of law in our society and we have the bill of rights. Our rights are getting perverted into meaning things that are not what they were written to be. Our founding fathers had a certain fear of companies becoming too economical­ly powerful and the founding fathers were also finding their way with rights as they are applied to different races and different genders. Obviously the constituti­on is a living document but I would think that we, everyone , holds the freedom to speak your mind to be the most cherished. The young man’s denial of his rights to speak, to congregate and to learn is a scary developmen­t during this campaignin­g season. I realize that the candidates have had the pleasure to be mic-checke­d at various events by the occupiers but they were simply airing an alternativ­e narrative to the candidate’­s vision. Nothing illegal in that, yet.
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