These programs were instituted for a reason, same as social security and medicare, there were the elderly falling into poverty from sickness and little to no savings and there were families in abject poverty. Unfortunat­ely, there are still cases where that still exists, but not on the scale that occurred before the inception of the programs. Moreover, these programs reflect the overall health of economy, the number of the population being helped by these programs doesn’t stay at a static level, they rise and fall depending on how the economy is doing for the average person. The economy for the 1% lives by different rules and parameters than the rest of us. I find it disturbing that as a group the candidates want to make these programs into block grants, not every state has the same outlook on the less fortunate, would there be an exodus from the red states to the blue states if it that state block grant were adopted? We have already seen the exodus of migrant workers away from states like Georgia and Alabama, would we see the needy trying to employ similar strategies­?
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