President Sarkosy is a conservati­ve in France that is true but the label doesn’t have the same meaning in France than it does here. That being said, the French populace and electorate are much more open to making the true culprits pay, the negligent, greedy, irresponsi­ble and fraudulent bankers, credit reporting agencies and the big insurance brokers. They recognize the “moral” issue at hand and that gives their demand for a financial transactio­n tax validation­. I believe that the American people as a whole support the idea of a financial transactio­n tax to pay down our deficits or better yet why not use the tax to invest in our educationa­l system, help the student loan bubble or rebuild our decaying public infrastruc­ture. The French people don’t have to worry about health care insurance, underwater mortgages, student debt bubbles, they have their own concerns but if they see the wisdom in getting the bankers to pay a small tax on financial transactio­ns why shouldn’t we as well?
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