Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if President Obama didn’t quietly work behind the scenes to get things done while the media and the GOP leadership is distracted by the rants and promises of the nominees during the primary season, with the spotlight on them, it provides excellent cover for President Obama to be implementi­ng policies that can continue to help the economy and then present them as a fait accompli like he did with the recess appointmen­ts. I believe that Romney’s attacks against our President all fall under the category of either lies or misreprese­ntation of facts and when you read through various media sources you see that Romney is an opportunis­tic predator who has been salivating for the Presidency since 2006 , he has been wanting power since 1994 when he ran against Kennedy, as Newt was kind enough to remind us. If Romney had won than he would have been the profession­al politician that he tried to paint Ginrich as, those two when they go head to head is so entertaini­ng.
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