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Have you ever looked at the clock and realized with a start that it is 7:00 at night and you haven’t any idea where in the world the hours went. That happened to me today, I know that I woke up, I walked the dogs, had breakfast and then I feel as if I wandered into a black hole, nothing I did or read or said feels concrete or solid. Even now as I write this, I can’t believe that it is already 9:00, it is as if the hours passed around me. What does it mean when the clock registers the passage of time but you didn’t? I feel as if I lost hours and they will never be found. If I have nothing else pressing tomorrow, maybe I should go on an hour hunt and try to find those missing hours that escaped from my existence. At the tender age of 44 I have no business being careless with my precious hours, it just isn’t right to get to the end of a day and realize that you have a bunch of hours that are unaccounted for, neglectful timekeeping on my part.