I am being a copycat, my writing friend Tilly Bud is the source of this post. My other writing friend sanstorm also explored her search terms from her blog site and they both got really interesting and strange words. I clicked on my site stats, went to the search words and in the past week, for whatever reason, whenever anyone searched, they used normal, related content search words. The weirdest was bootlegger pomade. I guess someone was hoping to find out how to polish boots. I copied and pasted a bunch because these are too normal to be believed. I was quite disappointed to not find a rancid photo or a Towie mention. Pious baloney wasn’t bad but when you know the context surrounding the phrase, it isn’t so crazy. Newt Gingrich used it in the debate in New Hampshire against Mitt Romney, he was saying that Mitt Romney explaining away his decision to not run for re-election for Massachusetts governorship because he had accomplished what he wanted and he wanted to get back to the private sector was all pious baloney. Since I understood the search term within its context, it wasn’t bizarre and it made sense. Actually, isn’t that the way of it, when you are clued into the facts and the background, everything can make sense.

what new skill would you like 1
Romney comment Kennedy mortgage 1
french appetizers 1
did they ever find that god particle? 1
i will work for love 1
what is needed to enter a movie theatre 1
describe your future house 1
describe your favorite restaurant 1
did ted Kennedy take a mortgage out to run again Romney 1
describe my favourite restaurant 1
pious baloney 1
bootlegger pomade 1
I’m happy ted Kennedy had to take out a mortgage in senate race 1
describe a dream that you have had 1
why some people can change their dreams 1
mitt Romney and ted Kennedy mortgage 1
Romney Kennedy mortgage 1
invisibility for a day 1
how was Anderson cooper as moderator? 1
top 3 goals for 2012 1
what makes someone beautiful 1
if you were goimg book 1
things have happen for a reason 1
Romney debate mortgage 1
banish someone

It seems that whoever plugged these search terms already had a goal or a site in mind because they are very similar to the title of my posts which is a fact that I find interesting. These search terms aren’t random they are very specific, but I don’t know if that has any significance. I am not really disappointed, I appreciate the traffic at my blog site, it’s exciting when you see people have stopped by for a visit. I was hoping for some more comic relief that’s it.