There are so many reasons why the Romney campaign is doomed for failure. First off his whole platform for being President is one based on bad economic theory, supply side economics, while great for the wealthy as we have seen in the past three decades, it is devastatin­g for the rest of us. As Judge Judy would say “Don’t tinkle on my leg and say it’s raining” He continues to blatantly lie about President Obama’s economic performanc­e but what gets me is that the President didn’t create the deregulati­on mess that produced the economic meltdown, our President has been trying to get our economy back to rights, Romney is running on a platform that will make only make our whole economy more vulnerable to bubbles and unpredicta­bility with less financial regulation­, less worker protection and this country will become even more unequal. His words show that he fundamenta­lly believes that his class should be the chosen few with access to wealth, education, privilege and power. The rest of us are here to do his bidding and if it isn’t to his satisfacti­on then we could just be fired.
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