All you have to do is look at how quickly Newt Gingrich fell in Iowa thanks to the Romney supporting Restore America super pac’s ceaseless negative advertisin­g against Gingrich to see the real danger to our political elections and ultimately our democracy in general. We have complained about big money in campaigns and the need for campaign finance reform before, but I don’t think that even the hardened and perpetual politician Newt Gingrinch was prepared for the vicious onslaught and the absence of back lash against the opposing candidate because super pacs don’t have to disclose who endorses the political ad. Romney came out without looking to be a mud-slinge­r, at least until Newt Gingrich vocally called all the negative campaignin­g for what it was and called Romney a liar. The over-sized danger of super pacs and their ability to lie as much as they want without any negative consequenc­es is going to make any integrity almost impossible to wish for. This is huge and Citizens United has to be repealed as soon as possible.
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