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Apparently today was the day for medical reminders. The hospital where I had my mammogram was kind enough to send me a reminder for my 6 month follow-up mammogram. The other letter that came in the mail today and was sitting right next to the hospital’s envelope was from my doctor, ob/gyn, sending me the correct order form for my 6 month follow-up with the additional paper work for an ultra sound, just in case. Oh joy, I am not complaining about the reminders, I know that I need to have it done, they found small clusters of calcification in one breast and it has to be monitored, it is the responsible thing to do. My small dilemma is that our health care coverage is a little dicey, we couldn’t afford to keep the coverage going to the end of the year by paying for it in advance which is the proper way to pay for it, I was milking the coverage by paying the last month as late as possible thus eking our coverage along, meanwhile I had applied for our state subsidized health care coverage plan back in October. Since nothing is ever easy and it doesn’t matter if it is dispensed by the government of by the private sector, there is a waiting period no matter which sector you are dealing with. The state medical coverage agency wrote back asking for some more income documentation which I provided. I called and the agency has everything that they need, that is what the nice gentleman said, this was before Christmas, this nice gentleman told me that I would have the definitive answer in about two weeks.

So I have been watching for the mail praying for an envelope with a specific weight to it hinting that four health care cards are waiting inside the envelope. I didn’t expect the other two envelopes to have come so quickly, I only had my last mammogram at the end of July, I can’t believe that we are already into January. I, at least, don’t have to worry about waiting forever for an appointment, the Burke’s Women Imaging Center is very accommodating and the staff is wonderful. Am I worried about getting the mammogram? A little bit, every time I think of it, my stomach drops a few feet and it doesn’t feel very good. But the good news is that part of my desire to get covered by health insurance is so that I can get this done and be rewarded with a clean image and the worries will be finished.

Actually, some good news on the health insurance front is that the big guy is up for 3 interviews this week so if he gets hired at one of these firms, he will be covered by the firms’ health insurance and that would be amazingly great news. I am not getting ahead of myself and getting all excited because the big guy has been interviewing for quite a few months and the economy hasn’t been viewed as strong enough for the firms to hire him unless they had extra work on the horizon just for his position. So what has been happening is that firms have been putting out feelers for executives while they are bidding for projects, the hubby gets to the last tier of the interview process and then the firm doesn’t get the bid and they say “oh sorry, the position was yours if we had gotten the project” I want to strangle these executives by this point, it really gets you down, my poor hubby is trying to keep a positive outlook but it is difficult. However, regardless he is excited about this week. That is all what matters because when he is excited he does really well in interviews. Crossing fingers.