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Today was a rather nice day of rest and relaxation, put the kitchen and the dining room back to rights after last night’s merriment. This morning I had a nice light breakfast, read my emails and the Huffington Post, made a couple of comments in reference to Mitt Romney and his presidential campaign, I wrote a few pages for my book and then I watched a few shows that I had tivo’d and today was the perfect day to play catch up with my television viewing especially now that the holiday season is over and the actors are back on set and back to work filming my shows. I mean the nerve of t.v stars to take time off, they are on t.v for goodness sakes isn’t that enough for them, they need vacations as well?

Right now I am watching the Tudors on BBC-America, King Henry VIII is in mourning over the loss of his Queen Jane Grey though he is happy to have a son, his daughter from his first marriage, poor Princess Mary is waiting for a boyfriend and all the nobles are playing their games amongst each other. Oliver Cromwell is alive for the moment and he is pushing King Henry to marry once again for the sake of the baby Prince Edward. France is staying neutral for the moment, it is King Francois the 1st who is the ruler of France and he is occupied elsewhere for the moment. Princess Elizabeth is still a little girl at this time so we don’t see her much.

I noticed that I have said, for the moment, several times while describing what is happening on The Tudors. King Henry VIII was very volatile as a ruler and he was quick to get rid of his Queens, consorts, advisers and ministers. So during an episode a character could be alive and healthy in the beginning and be either ill or dead by the end of the same episode or during the course of the next episode. It is the volatility that necessitated my use of the phrase, for the moment. Nevertheless, I really like the series, it might not be 100% historically accurate but the acting is superb and it seems that the producers have kept an attention to detail that leads you to believe that they did as much research as they could.

All in all, I would say that this was a really good day.