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Today I rolled up my sleeves and decided to tackle the Viking, my professional series six burner, grill, double side by side oven, to clean it thoroughly from top to bottom. Cleaning a Viking oven is so much easier when it is at your father’s restaurant, one, because in the kitchen you have floor drains, floor tiles, rubber mats and a hose so that everything can get hosed down, scrubbed down top to bottom every night by the kitchen crew. Second, all the removable parts went into the industrial steam dishwasher that could scrub the stockpots, cast iron pans, you name it, those dishwashers clean anything at extremely high temperatures to kill any bacteria and make everything scalding clean.

When you don’t have the help or the proper equipment to fully scrub down the Viking, it becomes the dreaded chore. It is at least every bit of a few hours of taking apart and individually scouring the stainless steel, the baked enamel and the cast iron pieces. Everything weighs a bit, is a little sharp and doesn’t quite fit in the sink so that the whole kitchen gets a bath which was never really in the game plan. The hood is the next piece that gets dismantled and scoured, that takes a few hours because I can only get a few pieces at a time into the dishwasher, the reason I put the pieces of the Viking in the dishwasher is because the dishwasher gets the water hot enough to strip the grease off the pieces.

So after all this is done and I am huffing and puffing, putting back the last piece of the hood in place, I step back and look at my hard work and feel that deep satisfaction of a job well done. The next feeling is that now that the stove is all clean, I do not want to cook on it ever again or at least not tonight, the microwave is looking real nice as far as gadgets go. If we still lived in the city, take out would be a great option but when you live in a small town up in the hills, take out or delivery really isn’t an option since everything edible is at least a half hour away. This thought only lasts the day, I’ll be over it by tomorrow. I just need to keep the husband away from the stove, that will keep it cleaner for a while longer.